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Easy Return Policy
Unhappy with the purchase? Return it to Souq within 15 days on delivery. The website guarantees 100% money back, without charging you any extra. To register a return, initiate via Souq account or call the customer care directly.

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Everything you Need to Know About Souq Return Policy

Souq, being the biggest e-commerce giant in United Arab Emirates, offers a wide range of products and has a global outreach in terms of its customers as well as product offerings. The company offers an exceptional customer service, as well as, has an easy and hassle-free souq return policy.

SOUQ believes in delivering a happy and satisfactory shopping experience to all customers. Apart from offering the best souq deals, they also take care of their customers even after the purchase of products.

Here are all the details you need to know about how souq offers the best return policy:

Souq deals of the day

15 days Souq Return Policy

Customers have an option to file a return or refund request of the product for up to 15 days from the day the product is received by the customer. If customers face any problem or defect associated with the product or if they are not satisfied with the product received, they have an option to return the product within 15 days from the delivery date of the product.

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100% Full Refunds

Another amazing feature of Souq’s return policy is 100% amount refunds. In case if the product received by the customer is defected or damaged or if the product delivered to customers doesn’t match the specifications of the product described on the websites in such conditions, the customers will receive a 100% full free refund of the product along with any shipping charges paid by the customer.

Guarantee of Delivering Authentic Products

Souq also offers authenticity guarantee which means the company always provides genuine and authentic products from genuine sellers only. Still in case, if any time a customer receives any counterfeit products then the customer would receive complete refund of the product along with the shipping fees that they must have paid during purchase.

souq deals of the day

Hassle-free and Free Return of Products

SOUQ provides easy and free returns to its customers. If after the purchase of any product, the customer seems to be dissatisfied with that particular purchased product they can return it anytime and the shipping costs for returning the product will be absolutely free for the customer.

How to Return Product to Souq?

We have already mentioned the amazing features associated with the return policy of SOUQ, let us now have a look at how the souq return policy actually works and how can a customer file for an easy return/refund of a product.

Souq return policy has 4 major steps-

1) Initiating a return request

Customers can initiate the return of a purchased product by clicking on “make a return” option on the SOUQ website’s homepage. On the “my orders” page customers can find return option which can be accessed by logging in with the customer’s credentials.

2) Scheduling pickup of the product(s) to be returned

After the return request has been given by the customer, SOUQ will schedule a pick up for the products to be returned by one of the courier services of Souq.

3) Returning the item

Customers are requested to pack the item to be returned in the original box or packing in which they receive the product. When the courier service people arrive to pick up the products, customers are supposed to hand over the product to them in original packing along with any other accessories or add-ons they received with the product.

4) Processing the refund amount of the product(s)

After the product has been received by SOUQ, the company will first investigate it and post the inspection of product is completed, refund amount would be credited to the customer.

Souq Return Policy FAQs

What should be done on receiving a damaged or defective product?

In case the customer has received a damaged or defective product, then under the orders section customer can initiate a return product request and return it in the original received condition along with box and packing. After the product is sent back to SOUQ, the company will inspect it and then refund the amount along with shipping fees paid by customer during purchasing.

How to return a product in case a wrong product has been delivered?

Under unforeseen circumstances, if a customer accidentally receives a wrong product then it can be returned by the customer in the original box and packing and the company will process the refund under the souq return policy.

souq shipping policy

Under what conditions, is the return of products not possible?

  • If return request is made after 15 days from the delivery date of the product, then return of the product is not possible.
  • If the product is damaged or in used condition, then it will not be returned or replaced.
  • Items like lingerie, innerwear, socks and clothing freebies are not covered under the souq return policy.
  • Product that are tampered or do not contain the original serial number also cannot be returned.
  • Hygiene and fragile items are also not covered under the souq return policy.
  • Products must be returned in the exact condition in which they were received. If the packaging misses price labels, tags, original packing, box and any other accessories that were received along with the product then it cannot be returned.
  • If the product is purchased from outside UAE countries through Souq’s international shipping service then can it be returned?
  • If the product is purchased from Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon Bahrain or Oman through Souq’s international shipping services, then it can be returned to the nearest Aramex station through which it will be sent back to SOUQ.

Is it possible to return clothes and fashion accessories?

Clothing items, as well as fashion accessories, can be returned in the 15 days return policy period provided the product is not mentioned under the non-returnable category.

What are the products that cannot be returned as per Souq’s policy?

Underwear, Lingerie, Socks, Software, Music albums, Books, Swimwear, Beauty products & Fragrances, cosmetics, Hosiery and other consumable items that are used or installed cannot be returned. Apart from these products which clearly indicate that they fall under non-returnable category cannot be returned.

Is it also possible to exchange products instead of receiving the refund?

Currently, SOUQ doesn’t offer exchange of products only returning of products is possible along with a full refund.

How will the refund amount be received, if the mode of payment was cash on delivery?

If the purchase was made using cash on delivery option, then after returning the product the money would be refunded as SOUQ credits which will get reflected in Souq wallet balance. These credits can either be used for making purchases on the Souq website or can be transferred to the personal bank account of the customer.

If payment was done through credit card, how will the refund amount be received?

If the product was purchased using a debit or credit card, then the refund amount will be received in your card itself. However, it may take upto 30 days for the refund amount to get reflected in your card statement.

Warranty Plans of Souq

SOUQ also offers some great warranty plans to customers that can help in covering the purchased product against all problems that might occur after purchasing the product. There are various warranty plans covering various problems like cracked screens, drops, water spills etc. Only the items which are packed and shipped by Souq are covered under Souq warranty plans but the items which are not stored and shipped by Souq are not entitled to get covered under these warranty plans. Also, all the warranty claims that are made by customers are managed by authorized service centres of Souq. Most of the products purchased on Souq generally get covered under 1-year warranty which is absolutely free but more than this period customers have to pay for the warranty extension services.

Warranty Duration  1 year 2 years 1 year 2 year
Electronic malfunction
Cracked Screens x x
Drops X X
Water spills x x
Deductible NO NO 100 EAD

(per damage claim)

100 EAD

(per damage claim)

PRICE FREE Check price on listing Check price on listing Check price on listing

However, the warranty plans do not include repair and replacement of parts that happen because of wear and tear. Also, items like batteries, bulbs, headphones, microphones cables etc are not covered under warranty.

Some important terms and conditions of warranty –

  • Warranty is applicable only to products which contain the serial number of product. Products  in which serial number is not present or tampered or removed are not going to be accepted under warranty by Souq
  • If the product breaks down during the stipulated warranty period, entire cost of repairing it will be reimbursed. In case the problem seems to be something which cannot be repaired then replacement cost of the product will be provided to the customer.
  • Liquid damage due to water spills or any other accidental damage on electronic goods like smart phones is not covered in free warranty and customer needs to pay extra for the accidental and liquid damage protection plans.
  • The maximum amount that will be reimbursed for repairing a damaged product must fall within the range of the purchase price of the product. In case if the repair costs exceed the purchase price then, only partial repair amount will be provided.
  • SOUQ uses a depreciation scale to estimate the amount that will be reimbursed in case of any damage to product covered under warranty.

For, 0 to 12 months (0% depreciation) customer will receive 100% of the product value under the warranty. For products ranging between 12 months- 24 months (30% depreciation) customer will receive only 70% of the product value of products covered under warranty plans.