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About Souq Coupon Code (UAE)- May 2019

Grab the best Souq Coupon Codes for all top brands and categories here. This May, avail up to 80% off + Extra 15% on partnering bank credit cards.

Undoubtedly, Souq is the most trusted online shopping website in UAE, Saudi & Egypt. It is a preferred choice for most customers due to special bundle deals, deals of the day and exclusive bank offers, along with guaranteed quality products and free shipping. 

In addition, Souq offers an easy payment option, easy return policy and 24/4 customer support to make your shopping experience effortless. Hurry, shop today to avail amazing discounts using Souq Coupon and Codes.

How to Avail Souq Coupon?

  1. Select your favourite products and add them to cart
  2. Click on ‘Add Coupon’ option
  3. Enter your Souq Coupon and apply
  4. Your code/ deal will be automatically activated.

What is in Store For You?

  • Deals on more than 6,00,000 products
  • Extra 15% off on app purchases
  • Access to more than 1 million products from US through Amazon Global Store
  • Easy 15 day return policy
  • Free shipping above 100 AED
  • Special offers on top banks credit cards
  • Pay for expensive products using instalment option
  • COD available
  • Useful and honest product reviews

Best Souq Coupon Saving Tips

Cash On Delivery Available
While customers are often apprehensive of online transactions, they prefer the cash on delivery option due to its reliability and security. All you need to do is pay at the time of delivery, without any hassle on paying via card or any other online payment gateway.

Easy Return Policy
Unhappy with the purchase? Return it to Souq within 15 days on delivery. The website guarantees 100% money back, without charging you any extra. To register a return, initiate via Souq account or call the customer care directly.

Installment Policy Available
For all your expensive purchases above 1000 AED, Souq provides you an option to pay via monthly EMIs. All top UAE banks have partnered with Souq for the same.

Everyday Deal Day
With Souq Deals of the Day, all your daily essentials can be bought at up to 80% discount. You also get to enjoy special bank offers, bundle deals, and discounts on the latest launches.

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Souq Perfume Coupon: Avail 70% off on Bentley Perfumes

Donning a perfume of a flavor of your choice adds a sense of completeness to your dressing and style. In modern-day fashion accessories, perfume is no longer just a pleasing smell to bog down your body odor rather it reflects a part of your personality. Thus, getting that perfect one for you is what both men and women look for. Donning a perfume of your choice is what you want but getting that from a renowned brand is what you desire. Well, this desire of yours is on the verge of fulfillment. No, you would not be getting any freebies but you can avail discounts of up to 70% using the Souq Perfume Coupon.

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Yes, it’s your trusted e-shopping partner Souq again. Souq has bought an amazing 70% discounts on perfumes from the brand name Bentley. Buyers would have a wide variety of fragrances to choose from during this offer period on Souq. Bentley would also list some of the exclusive products on Souq’s platform during the offer period. The option to grab items listed on Amazon’s global store would also be available to the buyers.

Souq Coupon and discounts would make the shopping experience of buyers a pleasant outing. Offers and discounts would also be available on making an online transaction for your purchase on Souq through respective credit/debit card (each credit/debit card provider would float its offer). Amazon pay wallet would offer cash backs on payments done through the wallet.

Souq would offer free shipping services to its buyers for a purchase of 100 AED or above. Returns and refunds are also guaranteed (subject to products terms and policies) by Souq to its buyers.

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Offers on Floral & Fruity Fragrances from Bentley

Floral & Fruity fragrances are generally associated with women perfume collection but that’s not the case anymore. Bentley’s Floral & Fruity fragrances have some special items for male buyers on Souq. With a discount of around 55% using Souq Perfume Coupon, it would be a delight to grab these fragrances from Souq.

Products on the shelf would include Azure by Bentley, Eau De Toilette, Intense for Men by Bentley, etc.


Buy Floral & Fruity Fragrances from Bentley at up to 55% off. Free delivery on orders above 100 AED. Coupon code not required.

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Offers on Woody & Musky Fragrances from Bentley

Woody & Musky fragrance collection is a special kind of an offering from Bentley for its male buyers. The intense and exotic fragrances under this collection would woo the buyers with a good number of takers for this collection expected during the sale period. Through Souq Perfume Coupon, discounts of up to 60% would add another reason to get these fragrances.

Products that would be on the floor include Momentum by Bentley, Infinite rush by Bentley, Eau de Toilette etc.


Buy Woody & Musky Fragrances from Bentley at up to 60% off. Free delivery on orders above 100 AED. Coupon code not required.

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Offers on Woody & Spicy Fragrances from Bentley

If Woody & Musky was not enough then Bentley has a more intense version of fragrances in face of Woody & Spicy. If you’re looking to charm your lady love or want to spice up things then you mist donn these exclusive fragrances from Bentley. On Souq, buyers would be amazed to get these fragrances at a discount of around 60% to 65% off using Souq Perfume Coupon.

Items of the floor would include Eau de Toilette, Eau de Toilette among other mind-blowing fragrances.


Buy Woody & Spicy Fragrances from Bentley at up to 65% off. Free delivery on orders above 100 AED. Coupon code not required.

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Offers on Aromatic Fragrances from Bentley

If you are looking to mesmerize your surroundings with the charm of your fragrance then this Aromatic collection from Bentley is for you. The discount of around 60% on these fragrances would make them a lucrative option for buyers during this offer period on Souq.

Bentley would list some of its exclusive aromatic fragrances including the Bentley infinite during this sale period on Souq.


Buy Aromatic Fragrances from Bentley at up to 60% off. Free delivery on orders above 100 AED. Coupon code not required.

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Offers on Oriental & Woody Fragrances from Bentley

If you admire long-lasting fragrances that come with a blend of warmth and sensuality with a tinge of floral and spicy scents then the Oriental & Woody collection of Bentley is just for you. Bentley would list these exotic and exclusive fragrances on Souq during this offer period.

Thorugh Souq Perfume Coupon, discounts of up to 50% off would help buyers get the product of their choice at rates that are affordable and budget friendly. Bentley would list its classic Eau de Parfum along with some other classy fragrances under this category on Souq’s platform.


Buy Oriental & Woody Fragrances from Bentley at up to 50% off. Free delivery on orders above 100 AED. Coupon code not required.

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Exclusively for you

Souq has organized this exclusive sale on Bentley’s perfumes just for its buyers to get what they were waiting for. It’s hard to get these exotic fragrances from a brand like Bentley in a pocket-friendly manner. Souq has just made it affordable and accessible for you through Souq Perfume Coupon. So, without much ado go and grab the fragrances of your choice before the offer goes off the floor.