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About Souq Coupon Code (UAE)- February 2019

Grab the best Souq Coupon Codes for all top brands and categories here. This February, avail up to 80% off + Extra 15% on partnering bank credit cards.

Undoubtedly, Souq is the most trusted online shopping website in UAE, Saudi & Egypt. It is a preferred choice for most customers due to special bundle deals, deals of the day and exclusive bank offers, along with guaranteed quality products and free shipping. 

In addition, Souq offers an easy payment option, easy return policy and 24/4 customer support to make your shopping experience effortless. Hurry, shop today to avail amazing discounts using Souq Coupon and Codes.

How to Avail Souq Coupon?

  1. Select your favourite products and add them to cart
  2. Click on ‘Add Coupon’ option
  3. Enter your Souq Coupon and apply
  4. Your code/ deal will be automatically activated.

What is in Store For You?

  • Deals on more than 6,00,000 products
  • Extra 15% off on app purchases
  • Access to more than 1 million products from US through Amazon Global Store
  • Easy 15 day return policy
  • Free shipping above 100 AED
  • Special offers on top banks credit cards
  • Pay for expensive products using instalment option
  • COD available
  • Useful and honest product reviews

Best Souq Coupon Saving Tips

Cash On Delivery Available
While customers are often apprehensive of online transactions, they prefer the cash on delivery option due to its reliability and security. All you need to do is pay at the time of delivery, without any hassle on paying via card or any other online payment gateway.

Easy Return Policy
Unhappy with the purchase? Return it to Souq within 15 days on delivery. The website guarantees 100% money back, without charging you any extra. To register a return, initiate via Souq account or call the customer care directly.

Installment Policy Available
For all your expensive purchases above 1000 AED, Souq provides you an option to pay via monthly EMIs. All top UAE banks have partnered with Souq for the same.

Everyday Deal Day
With Souq Deals of the Day, all your daily essentials can be bought at up to 80% discount. You also get to enjoy special bank offers, bundle deals, and discounts on the latest launches.

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Souq Home Services: Get Up to 70% Off with Souq Voucher Cards

Souq Coupons are quite popular for offering massive discounts on top brands and popular product categories. However, it has now ventured into home services and repair domain with Souq Home Services. The aim is to bring together various Professional Service Providers under one roof.

Customers can avail massive discounts using Voucher Cards for their daily servicing requirements. No more scratch your head for hiring professionals for your daily requirements. Find all the services you require at one place and even avail massive discounts using voucher cards on Souq Home Services.

Souq has covered the widest possible range of services from Grooming and Home Decor to Pest Control and Screen Replacement. So, for all your small to larger scale service requirements, Souq can be your preferred destination from now on.

So, start using Souq Home Service today and save more on your daily chores with Souq Voucher Cards. Here is a detailed list of popular services and Souq Voucher Cards available for Souq Home Services.


Grab 39% off on Samsung S9 Screen Replacement Service Voucher. No Coupon code required to avail this offer. Also, avail up to 1-year warranty and no charge will apply if the device can’t be fixed. 


  • Actual Price - 1,300.00 AED
  • Discount - 501.00 AED
  • Offered Price - 799.00 AED

Service Include

  • All repair parts are included 
  • All required replacement parts are provided
  • Up to 1-Year Warranty
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Doesn't expire

3 Bedroom Flat Moving Service Voucher Card

Souq understands that moving your stuff has always been a troublesome task. Therefore, to make it easier they have provided this home service voucher. Moving has never been easier, with the Souq professional movers for a standard package with premium service to cover all of your needs. Not only your task is made easier but you are provided with complete assurance and safety of your furniture.

Shift your happy home with the Home service  Souq voucher and be worry less because now the responsibility is on your shoulder. Souq will take good care of your things!


Avail 35% off on 3 Bedroom Flat Moving Service. Coupons code are not required to avail this offer.

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Doesn't expire

Souq Home Services

iPad Air 1 Screen Replacement Service Voucher Card

This amazing service is being offered in your comfort zone, where your device will be repaired at your location in front of you. If in case this is not possible then the collect and return method will be used. But you can be tension free and trust us with your device. It will be completely repaired and will be returned within a particular time span.

In order to avail this service, you will get an email to schedule your appointment on the date, time and location that you prefer or is more convenient to you. Our trained and efficient team will reach out to you and will take care of the rest.


Avail 66% off on iPad Air 1 Screen Replacement Service Voucher Card. Coupon code is not required to avail this offer. Also, avail up to 1-year warranty and no charge will apply if the device can’t be fixed. 


  • Actual Price - 950.00 AED
  • Discount - 630.00 AED
  • Offered Price - 320.00 AED
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Doesn't expire

Studio Flat General Pest Control Service Voucher Card

Are you pestered by pests? We are on a rescue to help you, people, out. With the Home service Souq voucher we will protect your home from pests with our experts, that too at a reasonable price. We delivered the safe and secure general pest control services from bugs to nests and can help you get rid of them.

To help you tackle out this problem, there are well-trained professionals from the best companies that will do their work safely.
To avail of this voucher, you need to schedule an appointment with your preferred date, time and location.


Now you can save 237.00 AED on Studio Flat General Pest Control Service Voucher Card. No coupon code required to avail this offer.

Offer Include

  • 3 Months warranty period from the date of service
  • Free Inspection
  • Placement of household pest control treatment in areas attractive to pests
  • Pest control treatment of doors, windows, and home exterior
  • Pest trap placement is optional


  • Actual Price – 375.00 AED
  • Discount – 237.00 AED
  • Offered Price – 138.00 AED
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Doesn't expire

TV Installation Up to 65 Inches Service Voucher Card

Souq is providing a whopping discount of up to 67% on its Home service Souq voucher. The TV installer can help you determine the best location for your 65 inches TV and the best power outlet. It will provide you the best service at your comfort.

From figuring out the best angle for your TV to making all the necessary connections, all the tasks will be undertaken by professionals from the top agencies. All you need to do is to schedule the appointment and avail the service at your doorstep.


Now you can save 67% off on TV Installation Up to 65 Inches Service by Service voucher card. Coupon code is not required to avail this offer. 

Offer Include

  • Installed by 1 Service Provider inclusive of TV mounting bracket
  • TV Programming
  • TV mounting is for drywall only
  • Connection, programming, and customer training 


  • Actual Price - 300.00 AED
  • Discount - 200.00 AED
  • Offered Price - 100.00 AED
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Doesn't expire

2 Bedroom Villa Deep Cleaning Service Voucher Card

We all are well aware by the intensive process of deep cleaning and how it is much more comprehensive than a basic cleaning session. Cleaning dirt and filth over such large areas are generally not possible during the regular cleaning process. Therefore, deep cleaning becomes an important task to maintain the hygiene. With the Souq Home Service Voucher, you can show your home some extra love by booking a deep cleaning session from our best team.

The service will be provided by some efficient and well-trained professionals from the best deep cleaning companies.


Save 53% off on 2 Bedroom Villa Deep Cleaning Service Voucher Card. Coupon code is not required to avail this offer. 

Service Provide

  • Grease removal from kitchen walls and exhaust fan cleaning
  • Thorough deep cleaning of all cabinetry
  • Thorough dusting & vacuuming of the entire property
  • Steam cleaning of bathrooms of kitchens & bathrooms


  • Actual Price - 1,500.00 AED
  • Discount - 800.00 AED
  • Offered Price - 700.00 AED
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Doesn't expire

Grab 53% Off on Mobiles