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About Souq Coupon Code (UAE)- May 2019

Grab the best Souq Coupon Codes for all top brands and categories here. This May, avail up to 80% off + Extra 15% on partnering bank credit cards.

Undoubtedly, Souq is the most trusted online shopping website in UAE, Saudi & Egypt. It is a preferred choice for most customers due to special bundle deals, deals of the day and exclusive bank offers, along with guaranteed quality products and free shipping. 

In addition, Souq offers an easy payment option, easy return policy and 24/4 customer support to make your shopping experience effortless. Hurry, shop today to avail amazing discounts using Souq Coupon and Codes.

How to Avail Souq Coupon?

  1. Select your favourite products and add them to cart
  2. Click on ‘Add Coupon’ option
  3. Enter your Souq Coupon and apply
  4. Your code/ deal will be automatically activated.

What is in Store For You?

  • Deals on more than 6,00,000 products
  • Extra 15% off on app purchases
  • Access to more than 1 million products from US through Amazon Global Store
  • Easy 15 day return policy
  • Free shipping above 100 AED
  • Special offers on top banks credit cards
  • Pay for expensive products using instalment option
  • COD available
  • Useful and honest product reviews

Best Souq Coupon Saving Tips

Cash On Delivery Available
While customers are often apprehensive of online transactions, they prefer the cash on delivery option due to its reliability and security. All you need to do is pay at the time of delivery, without any hassle on paying via card or any other online payment gateway.

Easy Return Policy
Unhappy with the purchase? Return it to Souq within 15 days on delivery. The website guarantees 100% money back, without charging you any extra. To register a return, initiate via Souq account or call the customer care directly.

Installment Policy Available
For all your expensive purchases above 1000 AED, Souq provides you an option to pay via monthly EMIs. All top UAE banks have partnered with Souq for the same.

Everyday Deal Day
With Souq Deals of the Day, all your daily essentials can be bought at up to 80% discount. You also get to enjoy special bank offers, bundle deals, and discounts on the latest launches.

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Suhayla Ahmed trusts Souq Coupon for Online Shopping

Awed by the new concept of online shopping, I was very keen to start shopping online in the early days of this concept. Well, it did seem pretty exciting in the beginning, but I did face some issues. Improper deliveries, authenticity of products, warranty issues, etc. decreased my confidence in online shopping and I stopped doing that. But things changed when I shopped on Souq using Souq Coupon.

Well, right from the first purchase, I felt like this was the ideal e-commerce platform I was looking for. I could buy everything I like, could get delivery right on time, and there was no question of authenticity of products. Plus, Souq Coupon  made my life even better. I was, and I still am, able to save a good bit of money by shopping from Souq.

Well, there are a lot of things that are responsible for making me fall in love with Souq. I’ll be sharing the most significant of these below:

Huge Variety of Products to choose from

Well, the reason I made Souq as my default e-commerce option is that it allows me to buy anything on it. From Baby Products for my nieces to a case for my smartphone, there is everything available on Souq. And it’s not just about getting a particular type of product. But the choices and brands available on Souq for all kinds of products are simply unmatched. From the cheapest to the dearest one, all sorts of options are available on Souq.

I remember many times I have flaunted products which were not easily available anywhere else. Thanks to Souq’s great catalog of products, I can get a whole lot of products anytime I want.

Best-in-class Delivery

I cannot talk much about the quality that Souq offers in terms of the quality of their delivery. First, their policy to deliver the products free on orders above AED 100 is amazing. I usually purchase 3-4 products collectively, and almost all the time I have paid zero delivery charges. Even if I go to the market I will have to spend money on fuel, but Souq saves this money for me too.

Further, their delivery is surprisingly on time. Sparing one or two odd occasions, I have mostly received products on/before the expected date. Further, I have never witnessed any indiscipline with delivered products. They are delivered in excellent condition and packing always.

Easy Return Policy

A good return policy always instills more confidence in buyers, and I guess Souq knows this perfectly. Their buyer-friendly return policy is a beautiful icing on the cake.

I can return products within the 15 days of delivery, which gives a healthy time to test the product. Spare some special categories, almost all kinds of products can be returned easily.

Further, we don’t have to burn even a penny for returning the money. This is a real advantage.

Although I have just returned only one product so far, even that experience was smooth. That experience just made me an even bigger fan of Souq.

The Best Prices, Always!

Last but not the least, the biggest factor for every shopper is the price. Well, with Souq, no one needs to be worried about extra prices. Souq has tens of avenues and techniques to let us buy the products at the best prices.

First thing I love is Souq Coupon. The special codes and coupons, which although are not very common, do provide some special savings to buyers. I always love it when I get some extra discount, over and above the other discounts.

Second is the Souq Deals of the Day section. Well, one can easily expect discounts of anywhere between 10 to 40% on most of the products. Whenever I need something urgently, I surely give a visit to this section.

But the best of all are the festive sales. The Souq Coupon and Souq Deals which are made available on festivals are simply amazing. Sometimes I have even got 90% off on some products. Imagine how amazing it is get something worth AED 100 in just AED 10. Discounts of 50% to 80% are easily spotted in these days.

With the features that Souq provides me, I have no hesitation in saying that I am a proud Souq user!